Travel Representation and Distribution

We are experienced in Geo marketing

Travel Representation and Distribution

As a destination management company we possess extensive local knowledge and focus in the design and execution of tours events and activities, transportation and program logistics in the designated area.

We have expertise and experience for more than 16 years in b2b travel management. We believe any product has a certain life cycle that includes the growth phase, the maturity phase, and the sales decline phase. We help to reinvent their product to stimulate more demand once it reaches the sales decline phase.

We help to blend the price of the product which makes a big impact on the entire marketing strategy as well as greatly affecting the sales and demand of the product. We try to understand inside out of the target market and discover the most efficient positioning and distribution channel

We believe word of mouth, peer to peer meetings about the benefits of the product is still considered as a key aspect of marketing and sales.

We provide cost effective advertisements, print media, and mass e-mail campaigns to cover up the online marketing space.

TravelE5 provide ground services based on the local knowledge of the given destinations.

We can conduct conference, seminars, events, sponsorship deals, exhibitions, press releases to reach the targeted clients. We also support in managing online social media presence.

We help international tour operators, hotels, long stay Apartments, OTA s to distribute their travel products, to the Travel Agents, TMC, Mid Size tour operators in India