Brand Story

We provide complete travel management solutions.

The Decision to start TravelE5 came to resolve the vacuum in the international travel space and the Indian travel society and to become the finest representation company by representing the international travel vendors who wants to deliver their services to the Indian travel fraternity..

We are committed to achieve this by focused sales and marketing initiatives, product development, innovative email/ newsletter canvassing, advertising, media, presentation, training, face to face meeting with clients and database management.

The name E5 is taken from the word in sanskrit language pancha Bhoota or 5 elements of the Indian cosmological system: Akash (Space), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire) ,Jal/Apas (Water) ,Prithvi (Earth).

These elements are also associated with our senses (Sound, touch, Sight/Color, Taste, and Smell). At TravelE5 the focus is on every individual traveler who feels and enjoys these senses throughout the journey.

We also ensure that all the 5 essential elements involved in travel (Passport/Visa, Air travel booking, Transfers /Hotel Arrangement/sightseeing, Insurance, Forex)are also effectively delivered.

The letter E also symbolizes the latest Electronic technology used by us along with our direct individual interaction with clients to understand and fulfill their travel requirements.

We provide complete travel management solutions.

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